Dating a saudi arabian girl

Saudi Arabia currently has the world’s Nikia Johnson, who works for Whos Here, said in an email that Saudis use the app to make and meet new friends who are in their area or when traveling, as well as to chat and meet with people for dating purposes.

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All saudis are very heavily indoctrinated with a very harsh and unbending interpretation of Islam. You will always miss out on a very important safety net: your family is not saudi, is not living in saudi, so you or they cannot verify if he is speaking the truth or even allready married. * He will tell his mother aunts and sisters fairly soon and tell them to stop looking for a bride as he has met somebody * he will ask his mother and sisters to talk to you and meet you * he will have told you when things became more serious about the impossibillity to marry or get goverment permission * he is not bedouin, does not come from Riyad or another conservative area * he will not want you to live in saudi arabia EVER! Ask him how his female family members live in saudi arabia. Ofcourse you will not know for sure if he is truthful to you. It is fact that different rules and options apply to a saudi man to any other man you may meet!

* he can have secret extra wives, it is quite rare but it has happened to foreign wives as well as saudi wives. All saudi student know they cannot marry while studying abroad.

they all know they cannot get permission until 35 and even then probably not.

Being caught alone with a man who isn’t kin can put a woman in some serious hot water.

Her reputation and marriage prospects could be out the window.

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