Martisus ficking

Despite the wideness and proliferation of its use in many sections of society, the word fuck remains (and has been for centuries) one of the most taboo words in English.Until relatively recently it rarely appeared in print; even today, there are a number of euphemistic ways of referring to it in speech and writing, e.g.Hec love for her hufband was fo great, that when Ceix was /hipwrecked, Alcyone out of grief threw heifelf into the fea, and was changed into a king-fiflier.

Mars being enraged at his negligence, changed hiin into a cock.Digitized by the Internet Archive in 2016 OOcarn 1 I I I f I (^0*) ro Li TE - Liter A.ttir e ; ( 01* )^ r ^ or ( o(fnc-i: S^ Caiitaiitiiig; tlie (fll AIL\^C TEILS , aiul pmidpal ACTION s", iilhibcd totlic H^^aliicii Cioi IS,' GOl) - BESSES , i Ie ROE S , dioinaniu Tiu w^liicb tlic Ancients Tepiviciitcd tlu' 1)E IT Ili S ,'^H E ROE S , A^IRTf ES l Uun^ICES. STA' Tt'ES and Gems ; Toex'ther xvitli lome Afcouiit of their Poets, Rtddxnices to the princi- pal Place s nieiitioi led in theii* Works .Alphesiboe'a, the daughter of Phlegius, who mar- ried Alcmeon,and received the famous necklace of Eriphyle for a nuptlal.prefent ; but, bein^^ divorced fome time after, die prevailed on her brothers to revenge the al Front, who murdered her hnfbuad. Alyxa'thoe, a nymph and mother of -^facus, whom die had by Prian\, by whom die was greatly beloved.Amalthe'a, is the name of the Goat that Aickled Jupiter, who, out of gratitude, placed her among the ftars, and is now the fign called Capricorn. Ama'nus or Omanus, a god of the ancient Perfians, fnppofed to le the fun or the everlafting fire which they wordlipped.

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