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Art & Animation The art in"Omega"isn't bad,the backgrounds actually look really beautiful but when it comes to the character design even though it does work for some characters its rather hard to get used too because it is more childish and too cute looking compared to the character design of the original anime.The animation is above average,its far from being the best however I have seen much worse.The anime ends with a fitting conclusion but at the same time leaves the way open for a new adventure.Characters Without a doubt the strongest point of"Omega"are its characters.The second season is focused on the battle against Pallas.The season opens with a scene in which Saori(who due to a bracelet that binds her with Pallas is getting her life force constantly drained out so that Pallas can use it so that she can grow up)with remorse orders Saggitarius Seiya that he must kill Pallas in order to prevent the war from happening however the kind hearted Seiya fails to kill Pallas because of the fact that she is in the form of a helpless child.The final battle against him was also much more interesting and exciting to watch than the battles against Poseidon and even Hades in the original manga/anime.Also the aftermath ended up being very different from all the other fights against the gods in the"Saint Seiya"franchise which made"Omega"more original in that regard.

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Of course it follows the typical"meeting a friend along the way who will later become your alley"plot line and so Koga meets Souma who tells him to join Palaestra(the training school for Saints).After many years since the last battle, Mars, the god of war, resurrect and wants to dominate earth again.The new generation of saint soldiers join together to fight against newly emerged dark forces.Plot"Omega" is composed of two seasons and follows the typical"destined heroes having to save the world from evil"plot just like the original"Saint Seiya"did.If you are looking for a dark and complex story than"Omega"is definitely not for you because its plot is quite simple yet entertaining.

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