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She said: 'I was in a foreign country with a premature baby in intensive care, we were four hours from our resort, with no money and a hospital bill that was spiralling by over £1,200 every day.'Every time we contacted the insurance company we were met with excuses and refusals.'We were desperate.

This was the biggest crisis of my life and our insurers were just making a bad situation worse.'They tried to insist that I hadn't been declared fit to fly by my GP. When that excuse didn't work they claimed they had lost all our paperwork.'Finally, after I'd resubmitted everything they just stopped returning our calls.

Brandon's mum, Karen Ward, was by my side for the birth and my parents flew over with my older son, Brandon, nine.'Sadly none of them were allowed to visit Ayda.

The hospital wouldn't even allow her dad into the room on the two occasions that I was allowed to hold her.

She said: 'It broke her brother's and her grandparents' hearts - they were desperate to meet her - they would have been happy just to see her but it was all forbidden.'I wondered if they thought we'd just grab her and make a run for it.'Driven to the brink of despair by their ordeal, Ms Blake contacted Turkish police and asked them to rescue her daughter. They told me that the hospital had no right to keep her.

They advised me to tell the hospital I was taking her and if they objected the police said they would accompany me to get my baby.'Realising they had no choice, the hospital invited Ms Blake to spend two days on the ward to bond with her baby before staging an elaborate press conference. It was September 13 and it was the first time Ayda got to meet her dad - she was nearly three months old - it was so unnecessary, so overwhelming.'Afterwards they tried to get me to sign a document accepting full personal responsibility for the bill.

She said: 'When I finally confronted them about this one doctor came clean, saying that the only remaining problem was the outstanding bill.'And a chilling text message Ms Blake received from a hospital administrator read: 'Please tell them (sic the insurers) that we will not allow Ayda to be discharged without a prepayment.' They even suggested the distraught mother contact the British Embassy to help her.In some cases this may depend on whether you previously disabled the option to save a copy of your chats on your computer or if you or your buddy selected the Go off the record option.A British baby born prematurely during her parent's holiday was held 'hostage' in a Turkish hospital for three months over an unpaid medical bill.Yet, three days later she went into labour by the hotel pool.She said: 'I was just eating some chips when my waters broke.

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