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Kennedy and Jacqueline Kennedy (left), wipes a tear from her eye at a ceremony dedicating a memorial to her father.Jackie Kennedy and Queen Elizabeth II sit in front of her The Netflix drama, which launched last year, deals with the ongoing struggles of the Queen (Claire Foy) to reconcile her public and private selves.And while it has been showered with critical praise, it has also stirred up much controversy, by reigniting rumours of Prince Philip's supposed roving eye.The trailer for the new season sees the Queen say: 'I have learnt more about humiliation in the past few weeks than I hoped I would in a lifetime,' and according to the show's creator, Peter Morgan, season two features 'a lot more' of the suggestion that her husband was sometimes distracted.Meanwhile Elizabeth's suspicions of infidelity are aroused after she finds a picture of a dancer in his bag - believed to represent Pat Kirkwood, the real-life dancer he was once linked to.

'The Queen then hears rumours from her equerry, Lord Plunkett, that Jackie has been speaking ill of her behind her back.When Jackie asks Philip to show her the palace, the Queen swiftly intervenes and it is while the two women tour the grounds that they start to form a surprising bond.‘They were both introverts cast into these extrovert, public roles,’ says Balfour, ‘and they were both married to alpha males.There were other reports at the time, including one from writer Gore Vidal, that Mrs Kennedy described the Queen as 'heavy going' and felt 'resented' by her.Later scenes show the First Lady requesting a private audience with the Queen after she discovers she's found out about the backhanded comments.

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